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Something completely different

With All Due Respect (2018)

The Imburgia City Council can't bottomline its visioning and effectively exit-door on anything. It can't decisionmake on the official city fairy tale princess, shade of green or donut filling and certainly not on the street names for the new City Center. Imburgians are charmed by the candidacy of Mr. Percival, the grocery store lobster running for mayor. But Time & Eternity, Inc.'s artificial intelligence experiment goes out of control, requiring the Council to do some take-charge anti-crisising.

The Search for the Kitton Beastie (2013)

Bert and Star Roberts search for their missing father, who had been trying to prove the existence of a strange mythical creature. They visit a sundial store, a haunted bed and breakfast, a phony game show set and a household that plays classic board games. Warning: There may be vampire badgers.

Notes to Self (2011) (under the name Naomi Rowen)

Tabby Bibbins, mild-mannered cookie factory worker, happens to find papers that reveal the life story of Odessa Cole. She soon finds that Odessa, who once ran uphill marathons, tamed lions and parasailed into active volcanoes, needs help. How does Tabby save oppositional Odessa and change her own life in the process?

Cornered (2010)

The all-powerful Square seems to have performed a miracle! It apparently protected mild-mannered Dawn Dawson from edible projectiles, and the Square worshippers now see Dawn as the Messiah. Dawn's faith is tested when the Circle worshippers declare a holy war and a variety of other shapes try to convince everyone that they're the real Supreme Being.

Catnipped (2009)

Where else can you read about pirate reenactors, a man who thinks he's an octopus, an illegible tattoo of a Dewey Decimal system number, and a cat who talks only in cliches?