Anne's article Far from Fluent: Making Sense of the Doctrine of Foreign Equivalents appears in the September-October 2022 issue of the Trademark Reporter at 112 TMR 771 (2022).


Anne and Jerry commemorate Matthew Bender's 125th anniversary in a podcast discussing their authorship of Gilson on Trademarks.



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​​​​​Anne's article

Giving the Wrong Impression:

Section 2(a)'s False Suggestion of a Connection

appears in the

Trademark Reporter at

110 TMR 877 (2020).


Author, Gilson on Trademarks

Anne was thrilled to be the 2020 recipient of the International Trademark Association's Service Award for the Advancement of Association Objectives.

The announcement of the award is here.

Anne is currently working on Release 117 for Gilson on Trademarks. 

Highlights of Release 116​ included:

  • the Second Circuit's application of Jack Daniel's​, holding that the trade dress of an (unwearable) parody shoe did not get the benefit of the threshold First Amendment Rogers filter (Vans, Inc. v. MSCHF Prod. Studio, Inc., 88 F.4th 125 (2d Cir. 2023))​​ See § 5.15[2].
  • the Third Circuit's holding that the wedge shape of a red, white, and green watermelon-flavored candy was functional, merging aesthetic and utilitarian functionality (PIM Brands, Inc. v. Haribo of Am., Inc., 81 F.4th 317 (3d Cir. 2023)) See § 2A.04.
  • ICANN's new Registration Data Request Service, for trademark owners to request non-public data on domain name registrants (note that responding to the requests is optional for registrars) See and § 30.04[6].
  • the replacement system for TESS to search the USPTO’s trademark database, which appears at See § 3.01[2][c][iii] for guidance on how to use this new tool.